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About me

I am Ray del Sole, the Founder of the Sura Academy for holistic spiritual training. I am the author of a series of books about spiritual development. In the Academy, we follow the universal path of the soul which is reflected in all spiritual traditions and in the religious teachings. The universal approach is compatible with all schools and religious backgrounds. It offers a lawful and well-balanced progress on the path. The aim is to guide the true seeker to the initiation into the mysteries of God, mankind and creation to enjoy freedom, enlightenment and a self-responsible lifestyle. This includes healing processes as well as refinement and empowerment. In the end the microcosm is balanced with the macrocosm.
The webinars can cover only a few but important aspects of theory and practice to push the progress especially for the beginner level. On our website, we offer the diversity of topics for intensive practical studies. For more details please visit us!

I am searching for:

I support true spiritual seekers who look for real progress on the spiritual path. Besides the webinars, I offer intensive individual coaching including spiritual healing sessions to dissolve blockades, for vitalizing and empowerment. This offer is addressed especially to those who are highly motivated to work on themselves for real steps of progress. Freemasons, Templars, Rosicrucians, Hermetics, Yogis, Buddhists, Anthroposophists, Alchemists, etc. are all welcome to receive high quality support by personal coaching in English and German language. Time is precious. Progress is precious. Please contact me if you are really interested in making progress. I am looking forward to guide you to the next milestone on your path!


I cover a bright diversity of spiritual topics in theory and practice with the focus on high quality and real progress on the spiritual path. My webinars are based on practical research, own experiences and universal teachings. You can contact me also for individual coaching.

Specialised in:

I am specialized in the fields of Metaphysics & Mysticism, Spiritual Coaching & Development and Spiritual Healing.


Are you ready for real knowledge and real progress? Are you fed up with ego-based, intellectual, philosophical discussions which are a waste of precious time? Are you ready to go beyond your present limitations? Do you want to make new experiences? Do you long for real initiation instead of questionable religious teachings? Do you want to get rid of your blockades, increase your performance and make the next step on your path? And are you open for scientific, universal teachings which are based on the laws of creation? Then you are in the right place! *******Preview of the coming webinars: Guided Meditations + Autosuggestion & Autohypnosis + Guided Exercises of Franz Bardon + Occult Anatomy + The Chakra Nadi System + Health and Disease + Psychic Hygiene + Relationships – Energy Dynamics + Initiation into the Raja Chakra + Working with the Spirits of the Spheres + Divine Will & the value of vows, dedications + Dissolving past life vows + Sat-Chit-Ananda Meditation + Nature of God + Microcosm & Macrocosm + The Law of Silence + Spiritual Resurrection Training + The Alchemy of enlightenment + Working with Vital Force + Guided introduction into specific energies & states of mind + Become a conscious Creator of reality + Realizing Aims in the spiritual way + The Five Pillars of Success + The Evolution of the Soul + Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience + How to solve Problems + Karma & Fate + How to balance Karma + Asana Anchoring + Shielding + Use of crystals + Dissolving of Blockades + Healing Sessions + Refinement of the Ego + and more topics

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